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Gretchen Wetherby, LMT (licensed in the state of Massachusetts)

I graduated with 700 hours of training from the StillPoint Center at Greenfield Community College in 2002. I studied the unit 1 of the Rossiter System® with Richard Rossiter.  I have also studied the Howard Rontal system of Myofascial Release Massage for the Upper and Lower body with Howard Rontal. I passed the certification for the Howard Rontal system of MyoFascial Release Massage.( ).  I studied Lymphatic Drainage Massage with Dr. Christopher Jordan (  I thoroughly enjoyed learning a technique that is safe to use on acute injuries and can reduce swelling immediately.  It has been very helpful with clients who have recently had surgery.

I followed this training up with a course using silicone cups to enhance my treatment with Saskia Cote at Using the cups allows me to manipulate the tissue while lifting and pulling rather than pushing.  Recently, I also attended Oncology Massage training from Tracy Walton & Associates ( I am looking forward to continuing my studies in Lymphatic Drainage to serve my clients to the best of my ability!

I believe everyone can be more comfortable in his/her body than s/he is right now.  It is my ongoing challenge to help clients from all walks of life stand taller and move more easily.  I find that taking the long held adhesions out of the fascia (connective tissue) yields the best and most lasting results.  I am a huge fan of Ida Rolf's work with Structural Integration (i.e. Rolfing). 

I began studying various types of bodywork after an emotionally stressful trip in college made me physically ill.  It intrigued me that my psychological well-being could completely overwhelm my physical health.  This curiosity led me to the StillPoint Massage Program at Greenfield Community College and continues to inform my work.


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